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New service from «Top NET»  Fax2Email.

Taking into account the requirements and needs of our customers as well as trends of telecom market, Top NET implements innovative services and solutions on the regular basis. Now we are introducing you one of them  Fax2Email (F2E).

F2E service is designed to essentially facilitate operations with incoming fax massages, it does not need any additional expenses for providing of telephone line, and its coast is quite reasonable (150 UAH per month).

You and your colleagues have an opportunity to save the time instead of wasting it for waiting massages near a fax device, and use the working hours more effectively.

For implementation of the F2E service each customer is assigned a direct city phone number without physical organisation of the telephone line. You will get fax massages that will be sent to any indicated e-mail address as attachments to your e-mails in standard graphic format (TIFF).

F2E service gives you an opportunity to save any fax massage to your computer, or read it by means of Webmail at any point where an access to Internet network is available.

Advantages of service:

  • High reliability.
  • Independence on operation and presence of stuff members in your office.
  • You can use any e-mail to get fax massages which can be easily changed.
  • Possibility to get simultaneously a considerable quantity of faxes.
  • Fax line is always free.
  • Saving on expendable materials and on maintenance expenses for fax devices.
  • Availability of service.
  • Saving a fax number and possibility to get fax messages independently from office location.
  • Possibility to store fax messages in electronic form.

You can be sure, by means of using F2E service all fax massages from your customers and partners will find you!

«Top NET» was founded in 2000. Company is licensed for cable and wireless networking, voice services (Kyiv region, phone number range is +380 44 377 7 XXX and +380 44 377 5 XXX), usage of radio frequencies in a range of 2,4 GHz and operates and develops an own metro networks in Kiev and Dnipropetrovs’k regions (dark fiber/DWDM/SDH/IP/MPLS etc).

The company’s basic lines of activity are:

  • Corporate voice and data networking (corporate VPN’s, premium quality Internet access, fixed phone lines, hosted PBX, VoIP solutions, NGN solutions etc.),
  • IP-transit services for operators, providers and large corporate networks from owns PoP’s in Ukraine, Russia and Europe,
  • Synchronized data/IP data transmissions for «Local Loops»/«Last Mile» solutions in Kyiv. All services are provided via company’s own SDH/IP/MPLS «10GE Ready» fiber network. Company also provide in-house cabling solutions by own technical stuff and posses full scope of dark-fiber infrastructures and telecom equipments for it.
  • Lambda and dark fibers solutions for operators in Kyiv, based on own optical fiber network and DWDM/CWDM solutions.
  • Synchronized and IP/MPLS data transmission services in Ukraine, based on own SDH/IP/MPLS network. Company’s network coverages all regions of Ukraine and big cities such as Krivij Rig, Kremenchuk, Brovary, Bucha, Ilyichevsk, Mariupol etc.
  • Physical collocation and interconnection services for operators, provided by company’s own datacenter
  • Wireless access solutions for «Local Loops»/«Last Mile» services, based on own wireless network.

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